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From our AGIST Members pages, you can join AGIST,read about membership benefits, and learn more about the advantages available only to members of AGIST. We invite you to join AGIST today!

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Membership Benefits

Members throughout the world benefit from the AGIST efforts to advance research in the area and help members in their professional career development. Major AGIST activities include :
♦ Organizing and sponsoring conferences, symposia and workshops;
♦ publishing a quarterly magazine for all members;
♦ publishing a series of books, proceedings, and technical reports;
♦ compiling and hosting online resources and publications;
♦ awarding grants and scholarships.
Other benefits include:
♦ a discount to AGIST event/conference registration fee;
♦ a discount to the subscription of AGIST publications;
♦ privilege in establishing technical committees inside the society;
♦ privilege in organizing special issues for AGIST magazine;
♦ privilege in becoming a member of the editorial board of AGIST magazine;
♦ getting promoted to AGIST senior member and fellow

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